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Amy Chase


Amy Chase, originally from Sydney, started her career as a live vocalist performing in live bands blending the sounds of Soul, R&B, Jazz and Contemporary sounds. Supporting artists such as Daryl Braithwaite, Marcia Hines, The Models, Paulini, Emily Williams and Andrew Wishart, she soon discovered the sounds of House music, which lead to a new road in her career in the dance music scene.

After supporting many of the world’s finest DJs, most recently Australian bad boys, Bombs Away, Amy is now releasing her first single, Saya Suka, on Rise Up Records with Pacha resident dj, Matt Caseli. With a performance that encompasses the sounds of great artists such as Beyonce, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin, Amy keeps the audience in the palm of her hand during any performance. Whether it’s an acoustic set for a relaxed Sunday afternoon or dinner setting to a full live band gig or corporate event, Amy has the diversity to encapsulate audiences both young and old. Amy has hand-picked the finest musicians Cairns has to offer creating a band that has a constantly evolving repertoire. Each guest musician brings their own flare, creativity and style to the show complementing the musical finesse of Amy Chase.

Not content with being just a singer, Amy Chase has been exploring her talents as a songwriter. Geri Halliwell and Dawn French have described her as a naturally talented artist, and these talents translate into her songwriting craft. For the last 3 years Amy has busily worked the live music scene in Cairns and Sydney, and at 28 years of age, Amy has found her musical groove. Her debut EP ‘The Artist Formerly Known As’ epitomizes Amy Chase: a soul pop/neo soul mash featuring mesmerizing vocals and formidable songwriting that explores love, sex, revenge, and picking you up after life’s scrapes.

Amy also regularly performs with renowned Australian group, The Groove Academy, who currently hold a Friday night residency at Ivy (on rotation) & regularly perform at large gala dinners, award nights & charity balls.

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