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Music Programming

Within excess of 20 years’ experience within the entertainment and events industry, The Groove Academy specialises in stylising and programming the perfect music selection, genre and sound for events, occasions and venues; creating the perfect mood, moment, memory and experience.

We understand that not one size fits all, and we work closely with our clients to discuss their personal music requirements and objectives. We can assist, guide and collaborate with you to ensure that we can assist you in achieving the perfect vibe, ambience and atmosphere are achieved. The Groove Academy was sought out to program four of the ‘AIR’ music channels on Australia’s digital TV network, Foxtel. The Groove Academy programming the ‘Dance’, ‘Anthems, ‘Jazz’ & ‘Lounge’ channels, with the latter being the networks main channel menus background audio accompaniment.


Marquees | Cocktail Bars | Restaurants | Hotels | Retail

A day at the races shouldn’t just be about the fillies. From Marquees to racing carnivals and Polo in the park, we’ve provided the perfect sounds to set the day off. With 7 years already under our headphones, we’ve provided music styling for VIP marquees as well as at the iconic “Birdcage” for the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Talk to us today about creating the perfect atmosphere for your guests and clients, making it a day they’ll be waiting in anticipation for next year’s invitation!

The Groove Academy has consulted with some of Australia’s finest restaurants, cocktail bars and hotels, creating personalised playlists for their individual venues. Our previous programming experience along with passion for fine cuisine, cocktails and coffee means it’s a perfect pairing to ensure all facets of the guest experience are accounted for. Music effects clients subliminally and with access to some of the most beautiful music from around the globe, we can tailor the music to compliment your establishment, and create the perfect ambience and atmosphere over multiple serving periods and times of the day.


Fashion Shows
Fashion and music go hand in hand. The Groove Academy has stylised music for some of Australia’s most prominent and accomplished designers and run way shows. We love collaborating with our clients to create the right amount of vivacity, panache and excitement to accompany, promote and show case their exceptional designs. Music is about creating and providing the consumer and audience with a visual, aural and emotional experience. Don’t let the music rain on your next parade. Talk to us today about creating the perfect accessory for your next big show!

With over 20 years experience working in the entertainment & event industries, The Groove Academy specialises in programming the perfect music for each & every environment & ocassion. We consult in detail with our clients to discuss their music requirements to understand exactly what mood & atmosphere is required. The Groove Academy was consulted to program four of the ‘AIR’ music channels on Australia’s digital TV network, Foxtel. The Groove Academy programmed the ‘Dance’, ‘Anthems, ‘Jazz’ & ‘Lounge’ channels, the latter being played in the background of Foxtel’s menu channel.


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