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Diana Rosa


Diana Rosa is a Vocalist/MC for both live acts and studio artists with an affinity towards Blues, Soul, funk, R&B, Rock & more recently, Beach / Deep House.

Growing up in Jakarta, A young Diana, had her eyes and ears opened to such a readily available, progressive music scene and from an early age, she found herself immersed in a culture filled with such varied musical genres, both old and new. Having this multiple-genre understanding, would later prove invaluable to Diana, giving her such a diverse and eclectic range of possibilities whilst performing.

As a passionate young woman with a zest for life, Diana found herself following her dreams on a journey to Bali to find further musical success. A break from city life and the potential opportunities to work with international acts while also being able to write some of her own music seemed the ideal direction and next step, for Diana to further her career in music.

When Mic is in hand, her voice demands attention! And although starting initially as a back up singer, her unmistakeable, husky, sensual tones were quickly recognized and she soon moved onto bigger and better things.

Taking influence and inspiration from the likes of her idols such as Amy Winehouse, India Arie, Lauren Hill, Jill Scott, Alicia keys, Macy Gray, Etta James and Marvin Gaye and combining it with the hot Diva attitude and stage presence of Rhianna; it was no surprise when she began frequenting Jakarta’s big venues and performing acoustic shows at international hotel franchises. These include Four Season Hotels (Jakarta), Pacific Hotel (Jakarta), Le Meridien (Jakarta) and Ritz Carlton (Jakarta).
She also progressed onto Collaborating with various bands at Java Jazz (Jakarta 2003-2004), Studio Recording sessions with Dewa band and Ratu band as a back-up singer and later, touring with several up & coming bands in Jakarta such as Drop Shot, Tangga, Saykoji and The Grove.

Collaborating with some of the highly sought out and immensely popular acts / local bands, such as La Zone, Souled Out, and Diana and The Pirates. Plus numerous acts with international Bali based DJs such as Damian Saint (UK), Justin Dekker (Amsterdam), DJ. Paulina (RUS), GlynnTandi (UK), DJ NINA (Sweden), Martin Denev (Bulgaria), MorGan (France) has, over recent years, elevated this sexy Divas voice into the limelight at many of Bali’s top Venues.

The W Hotel, Cocoon Beach Club, Potato Head, Karma Beach Club and Pyramid Night Club, have all been regular Hosts to Diana’s sultry, powerful, heartfelt performances and individual selection of songs.

Diana has just release a solo track called BALIFORNICATION. Which in her words is “more than a music project but rather her unique expression of artistry regarding some social issues around her. Lyrics are inspired from her own life experiences, turbulence and achievements.

Her unique, individual, powerful vocals have found her turning her attention to Sunset Sessions where funky Beach House accompanied by her husky, sexy vocals seem to be a match made in heaven.

If sunsets aren’t quite your thing, and you find yourself seeking more of a late night experience, let Diana take you on a true clubbing experience where her full range of styles combine, collide and reemerge into a crowd pleasing, club rocking, show stopping, guaranteed performance to remember!

Diana joined THE VOICE INDONESIA in early 2016 and got herself tucked under the wing of KAKA SLANK (The lead vocal of SLANK, one of the biggest Indonesias Rock Band). Since then Diana had made a couple Live national TV appearance in TAMAN BUAYA BEAT CLUB on TVRI and Featured in a SLANK concert with 2000 SLANKERS in Bali.

Currently Diana has been working with a GRAMMY WINNING Singer & Producer Mr. KEITH ERIC MARTIN. Tracks will be coming soon.

Without a doubt that Diana’s hypnotic stage presence, mind blowing vocals and undeniable passion as a performer, makes her the musician to watch!


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