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Dimas Djoko

Dimas Djoko


Dimas is a percussionist from Yogyakarta, Central Java.  Dimas studied Music Education at The State University of Yogyakarta from 2005-2010, majoring in classic and modern percussion.  Playing in Yogyakarta for 13 years, Dimas gained experience playing with various bands and percussion ensemble groups. In early 2016, Dimas moved to Bali to explore and learn about the Bali music scene with the vision to form a Latin Music group and work with International musicians to further his skills and talent.  Dimas’ current projects are Dimas Dos Percussion (from 2009), Siji Latin Band Bali (from 2016), and resident percussion at Azul Beach Club Bali (from 2017)

Dimas has contributed his musical talent to many bands and events with varying music genres as a percussionist including Stupa Ethnic Modern (World Music), Afro Java (African ensemble Percussion), Dos Percussion (world music),  Kilimanjaro (local band talent in Yogyakarta) Java Ensemble (local orchestra band wedding event in Yogyakarta central java), Bintang band Top 40 (local talent band top 40 in central java Yogyakarta), Octavianto Latin Syndicate (traditional  Latin band in Yogyakarta central java), Four beat (EDM Percussion), In Progress (world music), NOS (World music), Risky Summerbee and The Honeythief ( pop band progressive), Siji Latin band (local band talent in Bali ) and resident percussion at Azul Beach Club Bali with DJ.



Bands and music groups

  • Siji Latin Band  ( 2016- now)
  • Dimas Dos Percussion  (2009 – now)
  • Java Ensemble  (2010-2016)
  • Bintang Band  (2011-2013)
  • Nos (2012)
  • In Progress  (2012)
  • Trans Continental  (2012)
  • Four Beat (2012)
  • Stupa Ethnic Modern (2006 -2011)
  • Risky Summerbee And The Honeythief (2011)
  • Octavianto Latin Syndicate (2011)
  • Afro Java Percussion (2008 – 2010)
  • Kilimanjaro (2009)

 Performance Experience:

  • Busker Fest at Ceske Budejovice in Czech Republic (2016)
  • With Four Beat Feat. Dj. Juno at Boshe VVIP Club, Yogyakarta (2012)
  • With Risky Summerbee and the Honeythief at plaza Indonesia Jakarta (2011)
  • With Bintang band Feat.  Anang & Ashanty ( national singer Indonesia) Gathering Semen Gresik in Jogjakarta Expo Center, Yogyakarta (2011)
  • With Octavianto Latin Syndicate at Bentara Budaya, Yogyakarta (2011)
  • Dimas Dos Percussion Feat. Dj. Naomi Launching Bajaj Pulsar at Kebumen, Central Java  (2011)
  • With Duo Gudeg at Gong Show ( national talent show competition in Trans Tv ) Jakarta (2011)
  • With Java Ensemble orchestra Feat. Titi Dj (national singer Indonesia) at Semarang central java (2010)
  • Stupa Ethnic Modern at Enschede Netherland (2009)
  • NgayogJazz with Dusmouthly band Feat. Iga Mawarni (National Indonesian singer) at  Yogyakarta (2008)
  • With Agung Prasetyo Big Band Feat. Farahdi (local singer from West Java) at Yogyakarta  (2009)
  • With Kilimanjaro band Feat. Vina Panduwinata (National Indonesian singer) gathering Bank BCA at Kudus, Central Java ( 2009)

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The artist

Nationality: Indonesian

Resident in: Yogyakarta